For a long time, there has been a debate among users about which of the existing antivirus programs is the best today. But, here it is not only a matter of interest, because at stake is a fundamental issue – the protection of the system from viruses and intruders. Let’s compare the free antivirus solutions Avast Free Antivirus and Kaspersky Free with each other and determine the best one.

Which Antivirus Is the Best?

Avast Free Antivirus is a product of the Czech company AVAST Software. Kaspersky Free is the first free version of well-known Russian software, released quite recently by Kaspersky Lab. We decided to compare the free versions of this kaspersky vs avast antivirus programs.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus writes that it is a virus and they believe it implicitly. And they even have no idea that:

  • Kaspersky is stupid and often reacts this way to completely normal programs or scripts;
  • Kaspersky does not always react this way to real viruses;
  • Kaspersky simply complicates the user’s life and does not allow it to work normally.

Do not believe it? And you will conduct an experiment! Next time, Kaspersky informs you about a virus, copy the name of this virus, type in the search engine “virus check online” and check if there is such a virus in the databases.

Testing is carried out in two stages. The first stage of testing Level 1 (detailed report) is carried out without the participation of developers. The second stage, Level 2 (results unpublished), offers an opportunity for developers to resolve issues discovered during testing in order to improve the effectiveness of their products for end-users.

The Comparison between Kaspersky and Avast

The interfaces of both antivirus solutions are modern in design. Kaspersky has a minimalistic interface, only white and green colors are used in the design. The interface consists of several segments: verification, database updates, secure payments, privacy protection, parental control and protection of all devices. If necessary, the user can add the elements he needs. Avast’s user interface consists of separate blocks, there are animations when clicking on elements. From the main Avast menu, the user can launch a computer scan. Other antivirus tabs:

  • protection;
  • privacy;
  • performance (program optimization).

When scanning, both antiviruses load the users’ system on average, but Kaspersky loads the central processor by 10-20% more. For the last two years, Avast has been the leader in the independent test “AV-Comparatives”, which tests antivirus programs for their performance. Kaspersky Anti-Virus ranked 9th in testing.

Despite the fact that the interface is the first thing we pay attention to when turning on any program, the main criterion by which we evaluate antiviruses is their ability to repel attacks by malicious software and intruders. And according to this criterion, Avast significantly lags behind the products of Kaspersky Lab. If Kaspersky Free, like other products of this Russian manufacturer, is practically impenetrable for viruses, then Avast Free Antivirus may well miss some Trojan or other malicious program.

Each solution has passed three tests, which include checking the detection rate of common financial threats, the ability to defend against botnets, and the ability to block the latest hacking technologies. All stages of testing were carried out with default settings. Where available, special features were used to protect online banking and online payments.